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Valentines Day

Its that time of year again roll out the oysters, heart shaped steaks & chocolate dipped strawberries.

Restaurants are fully booked with tables of two, the takeaways will no doubt be in high demand and the m & s meal deal is flying off the shelves.

What do you have planned ? to avoid the inflated prices and hullabaloo of it all you could stay at home get the kids to bed on time and have your favourite meal at home.

with some careful planning it could be the best received valentines day to date.

to treat yourselves why not visit a local butcher of fish mongers and get some great quality ingredients.

follow this with your favorite flowers, chocolates & tipple then youre ready to go.

I have worked many a valentine's day with such a big build up to the day then you realise 2 people sat on every table does not amount to many covers at all.

The atmosphere in dining rooms is unusually flat on valentines day too with it falling on a Friday this year I dare suggest it may see a decrease in sales across the board.

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